Verone is a freeware static analysis tool for C++03/C++11/C++14. The main feature of which is incremental analysis of code which registers changes in files and allows the developer to analyze code on the fly. The analyzer has the integration with Visual Studio 2012/Visual Studio 2013/Visual Studio 2015.

Analysis on the fly

Analysis on the fly allows you to forget about manual configuration and just get started. Verone automatically starts when Visual Studio is opened with constant monitoring of changes in the files and re-analyzing them. All actual diagnostics appear in the special margin on the right side of editor.

Integration with Visual Studio

With this integration, developer can focus on development process only. Verone scans the source files automatically behind the scene and analyses files in the background. It also reports any bugs found.

Variety of diagnostics

Verone is not a single-use tool. Its analyzer can detect many problems in the source program: semantic errors and misprints, runtime errors, performance issues, bad style practices.


Verone is a high performance tool, since it uses clang complier which works with remarkable speed for parsing and generating intermediate representation. The program analyzes and implements a parallel algorithm that allows the user to achieve greater productivity on the fly.

Easy to use

Verone doesn't require any additional configuration to get started. And in those rare cases when configuration is still required it can be done with a couple of mouse clicks!


Be sure that Visual C++ 2013 or higher is installed on your computer:
Visual C++ 2013
Download Verone 1.0 for Visual Studio 2012
Download Verone 1.0 for Visual Studio 2013
Download Verone 1.0 for Visual Studio 2015
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